Brentford’s decision to announce a deal for Club Brugge striker Igor Thiago earlier this year appears to have had the impact many might have predicted.

Het Laatste Niuews cover the player today and how he’s gone from ‘unstoppable’ to zero since the news of his move to Brentford was announced.

The newspaper explain that the striker currently finds himself stuck in the middle of a goal drought and, even worse, hasn’t even managed a shot on target since his move to Brentford was announced over a month ago.

They say that Thiago was ‘unstoppable’ before the record deal involving the Bees was announced but now, he’s ‘suddenly forgotten how to score’.

Rather than providing him with a mental boost, as manager Ronny Deila insisted it would, the impending move to England appears to have had the opposite impact on the Brazilian.

In the five games since the Brentford move was announced, he has not managed a shot on target and thus hasn’t scored either. That’s a huge difference for a player who had 18 goals in 14 games before the deal was done.

Insiders at the club are insistent that the move to Brentford has nothing to do with his transfer and he continues to work just as hard behind the scenes, but the numbers speak for themselves.

He long appeared on course to hit 30 goals for the season but has instead found himself stuck on 26 and now there are major doubts he’ll even add to that, never mind hit 30.

That’s left Club Brugge worrying as they’re very much dependent on him and his goals to ensure this season isn’t a disastrous one. At this point, though, they may be regretting the decision to do the deal with Brentford early.