Brentford’s attempt to sign Luis Guilherme from Palmeiras is now becoming a big story in Brazil.

Earlier on Wednesday, we covered a report from Nosso Palestra which said the Bees are interested in the youngster and had made contact for the signing.

Now, journalist Jorge Nicola shares an update on the situation, claiming that Brentford have actually made a bid for Guilherme.

His story claims that the Bees have put a €30m bid on the table, whilst also letting Palmeiras keep 20% of a future sale.

According to Nicola, club president Leila Pereira still hasn’t made a decision about the offer and is analysing it.

Palmeiras are currently enjoying a great generation of youngsters coming through who have been securing big sales early in their career.

They’ll soon be losing Endrick to Real Madrid and Estêvão to Chelsea, with both leaving for over €60m. This might be a problem for Brentford, because the Brazilian club may feel pressured to keep some of their starlets in the squad. It could also see them ramp up their asking price for Guilherme.

The good thing for the Bees is that since Luis Guilherme is already 18, he can join them this summer. Real Madrid are still waiting for Endrick to turn 18 in July, while Chelsea will only land Estêvão in 2025.