Spanish newspaper AS had a very harsh and interesting chronicle of Barcelona’s 7-1 win over Celtic for the Champions League group stage last night.

Journalist Santi Gímenez said the Catalan club were in a rage after the weekend’s defeat to Alavés and Celtic had to take all of their revenge for it.

But despite all the praises for Barcelona’s fantastic performance, there’s a particular paragraph about Brendan Rodger’s tactics where the manager is heavily criticised for not acting like other Celtic bosses in the past. It goes as follows:

“Barcelona’s elite unit, led by a overplus Messi, gave no chance to the Celtic of Rodgers, who still don’t quite know what to play for. The latest positive experiences of Scots at the Camp Nou were based on parking the bus and counter attacks, but the philosophy of the Northern Irish coach is inconsistent with this script that led Martin O’Neill or Neill Lennon to success in previous games. Rodgers is among those who want to build up with the ball and make a show. Rodgers is someone who prefers killing his team.”

Of course Brendan Rodgers’ tactics didn’t go well against Barcelona, but it seems a bit unfair to ciritise a manager for wanting to play just like the other side who are being praised.

Barcelona may be levels ahead of Celtic, but the quality of their players speaks much louder than Luis Enrique’s tactics.

It may be the situation that Brendan Rodgers should accept he has an inferior side and try to play as such, but that wasn’t his choice, and judging the weakest side’s philosophy is something that just doesn’t sound right in a game like this.