It’s done, but it’s not. Anderson Talisca’s move to England has been claimed to be sealed for weeks, but nothing has actually happened.

At the end of last week, it was said that the player was only waiting for his work permit to be sorted so he could fly to the UK and sign for Wolverhampton.

However, nothing has happened in the past couple of days, and the problem wasn’t really the visa.

A Bola says the player isn’t attracted by the idea of playing in the Championship, as he’d prefer a move to the Premier League.

The newspaper mentions Liverpool as an option, as the Reds have been linked to the player a few times, but say that the club isn’t a possibility for the short term.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton are reportedly insisting on the signing. Benfica president Luís Filipe Vieira, alongside one of Jorge Mendes’ partners, was in England on Saturday to solve this matter again, but returned to Portugal empty handed.

Now, let’s take these facts which were reported over the weekend and see why this story isn’t making much sense.

First of all, it’s weird that they don’t say why Liverpool aren’t a possible destination, which they leave us to understand that is because of the work permit (which wouldn’t be the case). But were they ever interested?

As reported in the last week, hadn’t Talisca accepted the move and told friends he was joining the Wolves? Did he change his mind?

If the problem was the player’s decision, and the transfer was said to be done, why was the club president in England to sort the move again?

The other funny thing is that Benfica seem a bit desperate to sell, and if they really are, are Wolverhampton really paying all the reported €25m for such player? Won’t they bargain?

First the interested club was unknown, then the work permit couldn’t be sorted, now the player’s decision has changed. This story only gets harder and harder to believe in.