Brazil legend Romário may be a politician these days, constantly fighting against the corruption in local football, but it doesn’t mean he’s lost all the charisma he had from his time as a player.

The former striker is still pretty outgoing when speaking to the Brazilian press, and doesn’t mind being polite, regardless of who he’s speaking to.

Romário has given an interview to Lance ahead of the World Cup, and since Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus is expected to be Brazil’s centre-forward in the tournament, the outlet asked the 1994 World Champion to give a few tips to the 21-year-old.

Having a lot of sex is one of my tips, as well as enjoying the most of the days off and of course focusing on the days of games and during games. Understand that the next opportunity will always be the last, that is, score the goal that maybe another opportunity will not show up.”

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“I’m not one for giving advice, but I think he’s very much aware of his football and what he represents for the national team. He has to get to the World Cup and score goals. That’s what matters!”

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has already claimed that sex makes players better. Back in 2016, the Catalan manager said: “It’s impossible to play good football if you don’t [have] sex with your partner. I would never ban that.”

Coincidentally, national team manager Tite has also spoken about the subject earlier this year. Going a little bit against Romário’s tips, he claimed he’s not having much sex because of the anxiousness for the World Cup.

“Lately, this anxiety has sometimes removed my sexual frequency. I have to pick it up again,” the manager told Rádio Atlantida.

“I’ll make a confession: I’ve got something I’ll never get in my life again. On the day we won the Libertadores I made out with my wife. It was the last time I could do it before the game.”

So with Tite not showing to be against it, maybe Gabriel Jesus will be able to take the advice from Romário and Guardiola to succeed in the World Cup.