Manchester United have hired the Brazilian scout Sandro Orlandelli, according to Lance.

Orlandelli was working at the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF), where he was responsible for gathering data for player of the country’s national team, so he has some interesting experience.

Having already worked for a Premier League club, as a South America scout at Arsenal for eleven years, Orlandelli will know what he’s in for.

He left the Gunners in 2012 to return to Brazilian football, where he was a football director at Atlético Paranaense and was responsible for innovative scouting projects at Santos, before joining the CBF.

Lance have no information on when Orlandelli will start working for Manchester United, but the CBF are already looking for a replacement for him.

Manchester United have been restructuring some of their scouting network over the summer, after the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager.

In July, Tommy Møller Nielsen was named as a new Manchester United scout, concentrating on Scandinavia. He was also expected to travel to Brazil to scout at the Olympics.

Orlandelli and Møller Nielsen are two impressive additions for Manchester United, and Mourinho will be no doubt keen to pick the brains of someone with so much experience working with Arsenal.