When someone from outside the country asks a Brazilian why the local league is a mess, we don’t even know where to start. But let’s say it all comes from the beginning, which would be the planning of the clubs.

And Vasco are a good example of that. Big club, four league titles, one Copa Libertadores, several academy players who made it to the national team. But currently playing in  the second division for the third time since 2009.

Now they’re planning the next season, which starts in January, even though they still don’t know if they’ll be promoted.

And according to Globo Esporte today, while estimating the budget for 2017, they are already counting on Philippe Coutinho’s departure from Liverpool.

The website claims that the group of advisors formed by the club to make the financial plans are using Coutinho’s media alleged price-tag, €75m, to calculate the percentage they’re getting from the sale.

The figure was originally mentioned a month ago, when a French outlet claimed Liverpool were demanding €75m from PSG, should they want the midfielder.

Vasco would have the right to receive 2.25% of the transfer, which would be around €1.7m. That’s enough to buy a decent player in the Brazilian league.

You may be asking: “Do Vasco know something that we don’t?”


As pointed out by Globo Esporte, the club did the same last year, when then already expected that Coutinho would leave.

They were lucky to have their former academy players Alan Kardec and Alex Teixeira involved in big transfers, so they ended up making even more money than with Coutinho.

But they remain confident that he’s leaving soon.