Since Neymar left Barcelona on a world record transfer this summer, the Catalan press hasn’t hidden their hard feelings towards the player.

That’s the reason why most of the local stories were not to be believed, especially those which claimed that he’s unhappy in Paris.

Now if there’s one journalist who people learned to trust this summer, it’s Marcelo Bechler. The Brazilian reporter from Esporte Interativo followed the entire PSG saga and was the first to break the news when Neymar said yes to the offer.

So maybe it’s time to believe that Neymar regrets making the transfer, because that’s exactly what Bechler publishes in his Lance blog on Friday.

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He claims that two weeks ago, when Neymar was in Barcelona, he told his friends he regrets the move, using those exact words.

As the player continues denying everything the press says, Bechler points out two of his lies: The claims that he only decided for Paris two days before making the move, despite planning Dani Alves’ transfer to the club; and also the fact he said that personal goals were not a problem, but had a disagreement with Cavani over taking penalties.

The main reason why Neymar wouldn’t be feeling good in Paris is the relationship with Unai Emery and the rest of PSG’s squad. Most of them don’t agree with the perks the star has, and prefer to keep a distance from him. So even the ‘Brazilian clan’ he has in the squad is not enough to change this.

There’s also the factor that his son is still living in Barcelona, and until he moves to Paris, as planned to be done in a few months, Neymar is finding the distance an issue.

Bechler also has a bit of a say on a possible move to Real Madrid. He recalls that Neymar has never closed the doors to the club, unlike other Barcelona players  in the past.

There’s hope and expectation from him and PSG that things will still work out, even if it takes a bit longer, but Neymar is clearly not a one club man, and a switch can never be ruled out.