Although Ander Herrera’s transfer from Manchester United to Paris Saint Germain has been put in doubt by media outlets in the past week, there are new claims today saying things are done.

The interesting thing about this story is that it doesn’t come from Spain, France or England. It’s actually been written by a Brazilian outlet.

Brazilian website UOL has learned that among officials involved in the operation, Herrera’s move to PSG is considered to be ‘certain’.

The French side are said to be looking for cheap signings due to the Financial Fair Play and Herrera has been a request made by Thomas Tuchel. Meanwhile, the club are struggling to pay over €50m to sign Alan from Napoli.

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We admit we’ve seen UOL talking about Herrera’s transfer before, but as it had been included in a story about something else, we didn’t give it much attention. Now they have a full story for it, claiming to have come from their own sources.

UOL are a website with a good reputation and would have no reason to get involved in an European transfer just to get attention. So despite coming from an unlikely source, these claims seem reliable.