Brazilian website Globo Esporte has a pretty long and complete story about the situation of the Roma goalkeeper Alisson today.

What the outlet does is to say he’s totally divided between Real Madrid and Liverpool as his agents work on a transfer out of the Serie A side this summer.

There’s a third club trying to join this race, which would be Chelsea. But Globo Esporte claims that the Blues have a big disavantage for being out of the next Champions League.

Missing out on the tournament is reportedly seen as a ‘step behind’ for Alisson, who has just shown his abilities to all of Europe in his great campaign with Roma this season.

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Globo Esporte also takes a few positives and negatives about moves to Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Regarding the Reds, the advantages would be the club’s project, as the current management is well seen by the player’s staff, and also the fact that the current goalkeepers are in bad form.

What goes against Liverpool is their budget, which is lower than Real Madrid’s, and the Reds paying €50m to sign Fabinho from Monaco has only convinced Roma to increase their demands.

The report claims that Alisson’s staff has been in ‘constant contact’ with Liverpool since December, and despite the wish to have his departure from Roma sorted before the World Cup, it still seems very unlikely.

Roma initially demanded €100m, and all involved in the transfer believe it’s impossible. That’s why all sides are trying to reduce this price to around €50m.

Alisson has many times refered to Real Madrid as the ‘biggest club in the world’, but what goes against the Spanish side is the fact they are in a time of rebuilding, with no manager and many changes in the squad to be made.