Brazilian outlet UOL today brings a story on Philippe Coutinho, saying the player has been ‘disappointing’ at Barcelona and is starting to get attention from other European sides.

Regarding the possibilities for his future, the first club mentioned is PSG. It’s claimed that the 26-year-old has spoken to the Brazilians at the club about the transfer.

However, the French side would have a problem with Financial Fair Play to make such a big signing, and it’s also recalled that the relationship between Barça and PSG isn’t good since Neymar’s transfer.

That’s when Chelsea are dragged to the story. UOL actually doesn’t know much about their efforts, and take claims from the English media which said Coutinho would arrive in case of Eden Hazard’s departure.

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What UOL does know is that a move back to England would be complicated.

That’s because one of the reasons why Coutinho moved to Barcelona was his family, as he wanted to make his wife happy, and returned to a city she liked as they lived there when he played for Espanyol.

UOL says there are ‘other options’, as Coutinho’s staff has been getting calls from more European sides. But none of the other clubs are revealed for now.