Gabriel Jesus

This Thursday, the Brazilian TV Channel Esporte Interativo were discussing Gabriel Jesus’ move to Manchester City on the ‘Jogando Em Casa’ show.

They asked the pundits and guests to give it a shot and describe what are the chances of the youngster not signing for Manchester City this summer.

As the pundit Vitor Sérgio Rodrigues, based on his information, said it would be 1%, the Flamengo midfielder William Arão said 10%, since the bids from ‘bigger clubs’ could change Jesus’ mind.

But the British journalist Tim Vickery thinks there’s a bigger chance of the deal not happening, and made a few comments about the current situation:

“I’m going with 25%. Because I think it’s a lot of money for a club who are already signing Marlos Moreno. So how will they fit all of them in the same thing? I know they will loan them out and all, I know it’s a long term project…” said Vickery.

“But what if he has an offer from Real Madrid or Barcelona? It shakes the player more than Manchester City. Even with Guardiola.”

At a press conference yesterday, Gabriel Jesus confirmed that his move to Europe is almost agreed, but refused to reveal to which club. You can find the quotes from his press conference here.