ESPN Brasil today features an interview with Liverpool star Roberto Firmino, who commented on the Reds’ struggle to retain the Premier League title this season.

Despite acknowledging that the Anfield side has been through tough times, the striker refuses to say the battle is lost, claiming they’ll be fighting for the trophy until the end.

“The moment we’ve been through is difficult. We have the option of giving up or jumping on the trampoline and going up. As you know, we won’t give up, we’ll fight until the end, as long as we have the chance,” Roberto Firmino told ESPN Brasil reporter João Castelo Branco.

“We have to keep looking to win the games, to be getting better and to get closer. Nothing is impossible. We need to try to do our best so that we can be up there again and fight for the title.”

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Regarding Jurgen Klopp’s recent messages to the team, Firmino says: “It’s been very positive. At no time did he speak to lower our heads, he’s always motivating, he knows what we are capable of, to move on, he’s always motivating us, he knows what we can achieve. It’s being positive.

“We have to be brave, not be discouraged and move on. Try to give our best. This tide will pass.”

Firmino also talked about the absence of fans in the stadiums. He claims Liverpool can’t use it to justify the tough season they’ve been having, even though they’d be getting some extra strength with their supporters at Anfield and away.

“Especially for the Liverpool team, which has always been very… I won’t say dependent on the fans, but it made a lot of difference. Playing with the fans, the feeling is incredible. The adrenaline, the atmosphere they give us. They’re certainly one more player on the pitch. But we can’t make excuses for that. We already adapted, we’re used to it. Anyway, of course we pray for that, we believe it will soon pass and they’ll return to the stadiums to encourage us and help us on the pitch.”

With six goals and four assists in 21 games, Roberto Firmino continues to be one of Liverpool’s strong weapons in the battle for the Premier League title.

Following tonight’s match against Brighton & Hove Albion, the Reds have a huge challenge against Manchester City at the weekend.