With Morgan Sanson in France apparently ‘considering his options’, the agitation regarding a possible departure, especially with Marseille being labeled as favourites in France, has caused Montpellier’s president to set a few things straight.

Louis Nicollin, renowned for being as outspoken as a president can be in the world of football, spoke to La Provence and gave a nice indication as to where his star could end up, and it’s not in Ligue 1.

With both Bournemouth and West Brom reported as having an interest in the midfielder, Nicollin’s words will be giving Eddie Howe and Tony Pulis some encouragement, at least regarding Sanson’s destination.

The 73-year-old president said: “I think he’s going to go abroad. No, they’re not a big club. There are bigger ones. We wait, we’ll see, we’re not in a hurry.”

With the likes of AS Roma also listed as wanting to bring the player in, you’d expect the Italians to fall into the ‘bigger clubs’ category, while Bournemouth and West Brom aren’t quite there yet.

Nicollin also reiterated it would cost clubs ‘between €10-15m” to convince him to let Sanson go, a fee relatively affordable for the Vitality Stadium and Hawthorns based clubs.

We’re only five days into the transfer window, so there’s plenty of time left to get a deal done.