Arriving from Le Havre for around £5.5m, Lys Mousset was one of Bournemouth’s more expensive transfers in the summer, yet he’s barely playing.

The now 20-year-old has only made four appearances under Eddie Howe this season, two of them coming in the EFL Cup, and for a player who showed a lot of promise last season at Le Havre, that isn’t enough.

Coming off a year of scoring 14 goals in 28 games as an 18-19-year-old, Mousset was expecting, and was promised, a lot more game time than he’s currently receiving, and it’s starting to get to him.

Speaking to Paris Normandie in France, the player vented some of his frustrations, and is even thinking about looking elsewhere to get some more time on the pitch.

He said: “Between the project they offered me and what’s happening, it’s completely different. I came to Bournemouth to play and all I’m doing is spending time in the stands, without any explanation from the manager.

“You can say that’s football, but I really have the impression of wasting my time, of being in a dead-end.”

Explaining that his first wish would be to stay in England, a country he has learnt to appreciate since his move in the summer, the striker admits a lot is out of his hands, and a move to Ligue 1, even temporary, could be on the cards.

He explained: “My priority is to play. I like that, and I’m starting to missing. I like life in England, people are nice, I’m with my family, Bournemouth is calm, but I’m here to play and score. Without game time, how do I do that?”

However, a move back to Le Havre is off the cards completely, as that would just mean “taking two steps back” in his career, and who wants to do that, really?