We’re not sure what has been impressing us more: Premier League clubs trying to sign three different Porto defenders this month, or the fact that all of them are called Diogo.

Manchester United signed Diogo Dalot a week ago, with Liverpool continuing to be linked to Diogo Leite. And now, there are some new updates on the saga of Diogo Queirós.

Newspaper O Jogo has a story today about Porto being alert to protect the youngsters with new contracts, so they won’t lose them for low fees as they did with Diogo Dalot.

Regarding Queirós, he seems the most likely to leave. O Jogo claims that there are several English clubs after him, with ‘principle of offers’.

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One thing that would help his exit is the fact that his agent is Carlos Gonçalves, the same as Dalot’s. Also, Porto are in need of a left-footed defender, which Leite is, so Queirós wouldn’t have as many chances in the first team squad.

We’ve covered a couple of stories about Queirós in the past month, and the English clubs linked to him were Bournemouth and Liverpool.

Both clubs’ interest had first been reported by the English press, and then were confirmed in Portugal. It was said that Bournemouth would be preparing a €11m bid.

Not very different from Dalot’s, Diogo Queirós’ release clause is €25m.