Manchester United midfielder Fred has given a long interview to Brazilian outlet UOL this week. The chat was mostly about his form at the Premier League side and his expectations about his national team career.

Still, Fred had some interesting things to say about the hard times Manchester United are going through, since some questions were specifically made about the Glazers family, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Paul Pogba.

First speaking about the pressure of such a big fanbase, Fred claims the Red Devils supporters are not wrong to want something better from the club.

“There must be a charge indeed, because it’s a giant club. When things don’t work out, it’s logical that the fans will talk”, Fred told UOL.

“And it’s up to us to deal with the pressure off the pitch. The crowd got used to seeing many titles due to the size that United have and they want those moments again. They are right and they must always want it.”

Then he was asked about the attacks towards the club’s owners, quizzed if this a situation they are close to, or if the players get ‘armoured’ against it.

“We end up getting even more armoured, really. And it’s hard to talk about the owners of our team. We try to stay out of it. We learn little and try to do our work on the pitch.”

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Regarding Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s job, Fred said: “It’s also difficult to talk about it. Solskjaer is our professor and does a good job. He’s young and growing every day. He learned a lot and will grow as a coach and person.

“It’s up to the board to decide, we don’t have the power to decide on this. But he’s very nice, he is an extraordinary person, he talks a lot, he has a playful side and he’s always smiling. The day to day is great and he’s very important for the team, as he was as a player in the history of the club.”

Fred was also asked about Paul Pogba’s personality, questioned if this is something that goes against him, and if he likes having the Frenchman as a teammate.

“He’s a great person and a great player. On a daily basis we live together a lot. He’s a good guy and we try to bring him closer to United. Unfortunately, he was injured a lot this season, but he can still help a lot. Needless to say, he’s a great player. May he recover quickly, because he’s a world champion and being 100% will help us a lot.

“He has his personality, but that shouldn’t get in the way of any analysis. We feel bad because of the injury. His way of being doesn’t change the good person and the great player he is. He’s a very hard-working guy, who fights to get back soon.”