Sometimes when a relationship ends, there is one party who simply cannot accept their part in the breakdown.

They whine, they complain, and they throw all the blame at the other party, completely failing to acknowledge their part in what occurred.

For Napoli and Carlo Ancelotti, that has undoubtedly been the case. The Italian left Napoli last month and quickly took up residence at Everton to replace Marco Silva.

Everton have improved hugely since then, going on an impressive run of form that has seen them rise the table and sit just outside the top six.

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Napoli, on the other hand, have not had the resurgence they were anticipating. While there has been some improvement, Gennaro Gattuso has not been able to fix the problems at the club and their season continues to be a bit disappointing.

Rather than looking inward, though, they continue to blame Ancelotti, as proved by both Arena Napoli and Tutto Napoli today.

Starting with the latter, they explain why things weren’t working and say that while Ancelotti seemed an ‘appropriate and necessary’ choice to replace Maurizio Sarri, it turned out to be the opposite.

Instead ‘everything clashed’ and Napoli failed to ‘embrace the new game idea’ the Italian boss tried to implement, which is a strange thing to say, given they finished second last year.

They’re not the only ones to stick the boot in, with Enrico Fedele, a commentator in Italy and former sports manager, also criticising Ancelotti.

According to Arena Napoli, he claims the now Everton boss’ physical preparation helped to ‘destroy’ the ‘competitive position’ of the club. In other words, Ancelotti pushed the players too hard in training and the players didn’t like it.

Basically, everything wrong at Napoli is Ancelotti’s fault, with the players and management blameless for an increasingly disappointing campaign.