Over the weekend, the English media linked Timo Werner with a move to Liverpool.

There’s nothing surprising in this, it’s a link which is easy to write and one pushed out on a regular basis. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s much behind it, because near enough every Bundesliga player excelling will be linked with Jurgen Klopp at some stage.

Those are just transfer rumours rules.

Anyway, Bild have picked up on it and add some information of their own. It’s claimed the Premier League and Liverpool is the ‘preferred goal’ of the RB Leipzig player.

That’s presented as pretty certain, with the only doubt being when the striker wants to leave his current club. He has a contract with RB Leipzig lasting until June 2023, which has an exit clause of €60m.

Bild say the exit clause decreases each year.

At the weekend, The Mirror said there’d be a £60m battle for the player’s services, which obviously won’t happen if his clause is €60m.

The German newspaper believes Werner suits Liverpool’s style perfectly, and would also find the type of manager he needs in Jurgen Klopp. Good relations between the Reds and Leipzig are thought to be in place following Naby Keita’s transfer.

However, whilst Bild believe Werner quite fancies a move to Anfield, they don’t pretend to have an inside line on how interested or not Klopp really is.