Bild report Max Meyer only has four days left as a Schalke player. From Sunday July 1st, the footballer can move to whichever club he wants and start a new career away from the drama.

Schalke, strangely aided by many in the German media, performed a prolonged character assassination on Meyer towards the end of last season. It was no surprise the 22 year old wasn’t looking to renew his contract, Schalke finished the season very well but at the start there’d been big problems and a whole series of players thrown under the bus.

The German club may want to consider why they keep losing players in similar ways, but that’s another story.

Bild are dismissing interest from clubs and first up is AC Milan, who say they don’t need him. The English club most linked to Meyer in recent months has probably been Arsenal, but Bild say that’s just ‘vague rumours’ despite pushing it themselves previously.

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Arsenal have been doing repeat business in the German market and indentifying Meyer wouldn’t be a surprise, but Bild don’t sound convinced the Gunners are serious.

Marseille is presented as the player’s likeliest option right now, and Bild can’t hide how pleased they are that Meyer isn’t being fought over by several top clubs.

It’s all a little odd.