Henry Onyekuru is having a good season for Galatasaray, on loan from parent club Everton, and that’s inevitably led to many rumours about interest in the player, largely coming from the Turkish media.

The youngster’s long term aim has been to play for the Toffees in the Premier League, but the lack of a work permit has proven a barrier. There’s a very good chance that could change next summer, but it hasn’t stopped the transfer reports.

One of the clubs linked has been Borussia Dortmund, and when Bild take a look at the potential swoop they pretty much dismiss it. The German newspaper explain Dortmund won’t want a ‘problem professional’ in their ranks.

The reason for the negative slant in Germany is that a lawyer in the country has been chasing the footballer for support payments said to be owed to the mother of his child.

In November, when Galatasaray travelled to face Schalke, we covered what Bild explained:

‘They say the match against Schalke ‘could be expensive’ for the 21 year old, because he’s being chased for €11,000 in child support payments.

Melissa Krott, the child’s mother, is quoted as saying: “I met him via Instagram. I thought he was great. At some point we wrote, met.

“When he found out that I was pregnant, he did not want the child. Speech was no longer possible. He closed me off everywhere.”

Onyekuru is said to have accepted the paternity, but still hasn’t paid up, and the suggestion would be his arrival in Germany could lead to some legal action to get the money.

Knott added: “Right after the breakup, he already had a new girlfriend… with whom he also has a child, a little boy.”’