Look, we’re not saying that everyone being stuck indoors and unable to go outside is making people imagine things, but there are some rumours coming out of Europe that have been a bit eyebrow raising of late.

One of them is the story that former Juventus manager Max Allegri could be taking over from Steve Bruce at Newcastle United in the near future.

We’re not 100% sure where it originated, but it’s been doing the rounds, and, of course, since he’s Italian, it’s reached his home country, where it is now being stoked and growing.

The latest comes from Fabio Santini, a journalist who was present on a TV show called Diretta Mercato on the channel 7 Gold, where he reportedly had a few things to say about what could be happening at St James’ Park in the future.

He said, relayed by Area Napoli: “Mohammed bin Salman is about to buy Newcastle. The Saudi prince is thinking of a double hit. Max Allegri could become the new manager of the English club.

“The manager has also already asked for the first reinforcement: Mauro Icardi, currently on loan at Paris Saint-Germain, but owned by Inter!”.

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Now, we’ve had a look around, and 7 Gold’s website appears to have come straight out of the 90s and their YouTube channel hasn’t published a new video in the past nine months, so there’s no real way of us checking if this was actually said.

However, from dealing with them in the past, there’s no reason for Area Napoli to just make this all up, so it’s very likely those words were uttered by Santini on Diretta Mercato.

Either way, if you’re a Newcastle fan and you feel like this is the news you needed to keep you going through these dire times, by all means, believe it.

All we can do is warn you that, in our eyes, it all seems rather improbable, mostly because we just can’t see Icardi (and his wife Wanda Nara) agreeing to move to the north of England to play in front of the Longstaff brothers all the while trying to latch on to a Matt Ritchie cross.

And that’s regardless of who is in charge.

Also, this doesn’t exactly seem like the wisest of times to be buying a football club, but that’s just us.