Newcastle United star Miguel Almirón is a target for Atlético Madrid.

That’s at least what ABC Color’s Head of Sports Miguel Ángel Cáceres, who also works as a journalist for ABC Cardinal and ABC TV appeared to have revealed the news via Twitter on Thursday.

According to his tweet, Atlético boss Diego Simeone ‘has marked the Newcastle midfielder, who he claims ‘would have the opportunity’ to ‘take a major step forward’ in his career.

That’s all the information that Cáceres is willing to offer on the potential transfer, failing to provide anything else on a possible transfer fee or contract for the Paraguayan star.

However, we’ve done a little digging and discovered that Cáceres’ information actually comes from an article from Spanish outlet

Indeed, his own website cover the transfer rumour and cite Fichajes as the source of the rumour.

In their article, published today, they state that Simeone had ‘set his sights’ on Almirón, whose impressive performances had caused the Argentine to ‘fall in love’.

He has, they claim, asked Atlético to sign him and they were willing to spend €30m, which is around what Newcastle paid to get his services.

They also state that the midfielder could ‘make a great leap in his career’ – i.e. the exact same wording as Cáceres tweet – which sets the dubious alarm ringing., we should make clear, are very hit and miss, so, with that in mind, we think it’s best to put this to one side for the time being.