The media surrounding Ajax is engulfed in growing fury. The club currently find themselves 12th in the Eredivisie, which just won’t do, and everyone is being questioned.

One of those being questioned the most is Chuba Akpom. As part of a column which seems like a general rant at the club’s situation right now, there’s a somewhat disparaging comment towards Luton Town.

It’s stated that rather than playing for an illustrious club such as Ajax, Akpom would, if all things were as Dutch newspaper AD sees them, ‘at best be bouncing around at Luton Town’.

That’s the level it’s deemed the forward has, and it’s a quite unfair stance given he’s only played 92 minutes for the Amsterdam club so far this season.

A separate report in the same newspaper states the player wasn’t worth even half the €12m that Ajax paid for him, which again feels like a reaction which is way over the top.

Akpom scored 29 goals for Middlesbrough last season, should Ajax deem he’s unworthy then they can send him out on loan in January… perhaps presenting an opportunity for Luton Town.