Ask Bradford City fans about the name Edin Rahic, and you’re unlikely to get a positive review, regardless of the amount of people you question.

Rahic was Bradford’s CEO from May 2016 to December 2018 and oversaw a disastrous time at the club that saw them drop from playoff contenders in League One into League Two relegation battlers, with the club currently 20th in the table.

Chief among his terrible decisions in charge were a raft of strange and poor managerial choices, substandard transfer business and the decision to abandon the club’s traditional claret and amber colours.

All in all, his time in charge was not a happy one, to say the least, and many Bradford City fans were glad to see him return to his actual business of selling cars.

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Except, it seems Rahic has not done that at all. Instead, according to BILD, he’s got his claws into Stuttgart, a move that’s turning out just as badly as Bradford.

The newspaper explains that amid a recent declaration from CEO Thomas Hitzlsperger that the president Claud Vogt is committing ‘misconduct’ at the club, there was also a claim that there is a ‘circle’ around the club chief.

This circle is believed to be dominating his thinking, and among the names in it, Rahic is considered to be Vogt’s most listened to.

That is deeply concerning for those in the know, who are aware of Rahic’s ‘despotic’ time in charge of Bradford City and the fact when he left the club, a ‘seven-figure sum’, which left the club on the verge of bankruptcy, also went missing.

Rahic had initially appeared alongside Vogt in his 2019 election campaign as part of his ‘expert council’ but is also the signatory of one of his companies, so the two are closely connected.

Publicly he’s insisted that’s never saw him helping with VfB, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in reality, with insiders suspecting he’s far more involved than is being shared publicly.

There’s evidence for this too, with strange managerial appointments and decisions and dodgy transfer business all the hallmarks of his time in charge at Bradford.

Indeed, those who know him have sent their warnings to BILD, labelling Rahic as someone who ‘pursues the big dream’ of being involved in football but also pointing out his ‘failures’ and questioning his ‘leadership abilities’ from his time at Bradford.

That tale is a sorry one, and a similar one appears to be unravelling at Stuttgart, with Hitzlsperger and co wary that it is Rahic doing the pulling.