With several reports saying Flamengo have given up on the purchase of Andreas Pereira from Manchester United, the Brazilian media now starts to agree that it makes sense for the Rio de Janeiro side to not buy the player.

The midfielder is having a quite disappointing form in the past few months, and according to ESPN journalist Breiller Pires, it’s actually good for the player and the club that this deal is cancelled.

“For me, Flamengo’s assessment of purchase at the beginning of the year was premature. For me, after what happened, the mistake in Libertadores is something heavy and that the player would not easily forget. Should have been more prudent with the amounts involved”, said Breiller Pires on ESPN (via Diario do Fla).

“It’s 60 million reais, a considerable amount, so when you exempt yourself from the reactions of what could happen, you harm the player. It was necessary to give Andreas a breather, announcing that added even more weight. And it’s natural for the player to feel that. Flamengo could have evaluated better and hit the hammer only in June.

“So much so that Flamengo gave up and didn’t get burned with Manchester United, it was just a value agreement. So for me, this withdrawal is good for Andreas and for Flamengo. It’s a decision that doesn’t add fuel to the fire.”

When Manchester United loaned Pereira to Flamengo, it was initially agreed that the Brazilian club would have a €20m buying option over the player.

Then their directors travelled to England and agreed a deal to make the move permanent for only half of that.

Still, with the 26-year-old recently showing a quite unimpressive form, it’s no surprise that the club don’t think the investment is worth it.

Pereira’s contract with Manchester United runs until 2023.