About a week ago, when it was announced that Aaron Ramsey would be leaving Arsenal at the end of the season on a free, we speculated the stories would start piling up rather quickly, and they have.

We might have been a bit premature with our prediction of it happening the next day, but throughout the week, the Italian press have peppered some articles with a sprinkle of Welshman to Milan gossip, albeit not enough for us to take them seriously.

So when Calciomercato came out with a story about the Wales international and Barcelona, we cocked our head a little bit before clicking on the link.

The story does come from them, but it’s about the past, claiming sources have said the Catalan side were close to signing Ramsey last summer, but ended up going for Arturo Vidal instead.

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The Chilean midfielder was bought from Bayern Munich in the summer, and many expected him to feature prominently.

However, so far, it hasn’t happened for the 31-year-old, who most recently came on for the final three minutes of the 4-2 win over Tottenham, and then voiced his discontent on his Instagram story thanks to a well thought out message containing a simple (red) emoji.

Whether or not Barcelona will return in January for Ramsey remains to be seen, but if Vidal isn’t happy with his playing time, he could end up looking elsewhere very quickly.

That, and they’ll have a better chance of actually getting the Arsenal midfielder.