When a Premier League player has a virus or illness the details of it aren’t often released, it’s just not been the norm in English football.

Over in Spain it’s very different and clubs give out full medical diagnosis for nearly every layoff, whether that be an illness or injury. The media then employ medical professionals to write columns and fill people with information for chats at the water cooler.

But not here, so Javier Hernandez’s illness or virus was always likely to remain that, without too many details thrown out by West Ham.

That wasn’t enough for the Mexican media, who went and did some digging, presumably from contacts close to the player, and they got all the gory details.

It was aired on Univision Deportes, Mexican tv, and Spoitas are one of many media outlets to then pick it up. The West Ham striker had a ‘bacteria lodged in his spleen’.

Hernandez began to feel discomfort, got a fever, and had pain in his side. The bacteria weakened the spleen’s defences and there was the danger of a blow to the area being picked up in training.

And that’s why he had to have total rest.