So, it appears a bit of backtracking is taking place in Italy on Tuesday.

After claims from a Gazzetta dello Sport journalist that Manchester United were close to sealing the deal with a €52m for Ivan Perisic last week, it appears that no such bid has been made.


In fact, the bid that has been placed by the Red Devils isn’t even close to that figure, with the same Gazzetta stating Ed Woodward has only put €30m on the table.

That’s a far cry from the €50m Inter Milan are refusing to budge from, meaning, if true, things are far from being sorted in this deal.

Whether the €30m bid is just Manchester United’s way of starting negotiations for a player they don’t think is worth €50m remains to be seen, but what is interesting is that, to meet FFP regulations, Inter Milan need about €30m before the 30th of June.

Could it be that, knowing this, Ed Woodward just offered them that amount in hope they would accept it because they desperately need it?

After all, Manchester United have time on their side to complete this deal. Inter Milan don’t.