There are many things Mino Raiola is capable of when trying to get his client a transfer away from a club, such as throwing chairs around a negotiating room.

Not only that, but Dutchman has a reputation for being a tough negotiator and has never been afraid of speaking publicly about matters when it suits him, doing so a number of times when it comes to Paul Pogba.

The Manchester United midfielder has now entered the final year of his contract at Old Trafford, and while there are talks of contract renewal talks being underway, there are also a lot of rumours involving Paris Saint-Germain, and now one about Liverpool.

Yes, if Le10 Sport in France are to be believed, Raiola is currently testing the waters, even going as far as offering Pogba to the Anfield side.

Now, we know, this sounds absolutely ridiculous, and it most likely is, and yet, when it comes to the Manchester United star’s agent, you can never rule anything out.

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Le10 explain that, in their search for a Georginio Wijnaldum replacement, Jürgen Klopp has a few names on his shortlist, including Eduardo Camavinga and Houssem Aouar.

That’s where Raiola comes in, allegedly ‘bringing up behind the scenes’ during talks with the Liverpool brass that ‘there was the possibility of a transfer this summer’ for his superstar client.

Described as an ‘audacious attempt’ by the agent, this was immediately shot down by the Reds as this ‘wasn’t in their plans this summer’, but that in six months time, when Pogba could start talking to other clubs for free, ‘the opportunity could interest them’.

Look, if you ask us, this is either an underhanded tactic to put pressure on Manchester United or simply some source having a good laugh.

The point is, we can all agree that regardless of Pogba’s situation, it seems highly unlikely the Frenchman, who has had two spells with Manchester United, would ever agree to move to Liverpool.

He may want out to try something new, but if he does leave, it would likely be abroad.