After all the claims from the German, French and English media that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal is the subject of an agreement in principle with Dortmund, Gunners probably thought everything would be easier from their onwards.

Well, that’s not the way things go for Arsenal fans at the moment and the situation just grew more complicated with more clubs becoming involved and a potential metaphor mix between dominoes falling and a house of cards.

There’s a slightly brighter update from Germany right now, if fans want to take it that way. Aubameyang and his family have been spotted entering Dortmund’s airport.

Florian Groeger, who works for the reliable Ruhr Nachrichten, has even managed to get a video of it all happening.

What does it all mean? Well, probably that they’re all getting a private jet somewhere, and if that somewhere is London then it sounds positive for an Arsenal switch.

They could be travelling just-in-case or even going somewhere halfway like Paris, but movement right now is good.