Joel Campbell returned earlier than expected at the weekend from a knee injury. Leaving Arsenal for Real Betis on loan, again, in the summer transfer window, the Spanish club knew they’d be taking on a player recovering from injury, but did so anyway.

That faith has impacted the Arsenal loanee, and he’s been working very hard to get back on the pitch, constantly followed by what sounds to be a Sevilla press impressed with the footballer.

Back on the pitch at the weekend, Campbell had a big impact, scoring one goal for Betis and assisting another. Unfortunately it was largely pointless, as Betis lost to Valencia 6-3, Campbell being unable to prevent that in the 13 minutes he was on the pitch.

But he certainly provided hope for the future, and thought is already turning to what happens in the summer when the player’s loan runs out. Campbell’s Arsenal contract is also set to end in June, and it’s unclear if he’ll simply be allowed to leave or if Arsene Wenger has other plans.

For the player, a Betis stay is a possibility, and he’s hinted that could be what he wants. Estadio Deportivo quote the Arsenal owned player as saying “It’s a secret to nobody” that he loves the club and the city and “Everyone knows that since the day I left, I always thought of coming back”.