Barcelona star Lionel Messi has chosen to play for Manchester City, according to claims from Brazil on Tuesday night.

There are two journalists who bring this information. One of them is Esporte Interativo’s Marcelo Bechler.

He says Messi considers it to be a ‘painful departure’, but believes that his cycle at the Camp Nou is over. That’s why he’s decided to play for Manchester City from this summer onward.

Bechler backs up claims the player has already spoken to Pep Guardiola regarding the move.

In case you’re wondering why to believe information from a Brazilian journalist about an Argentine player leaving Spain for an English club, we can give you a good reason for that.

Bechler was the one who broke the news about Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint Germain and, earlier this month, about Messi’s wish to leave the Camp Nou.

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The other story comes from Yahoo’s Jorge Nicola, and perhaps that’s even more shocking. He says Lionel Messi invited Neymar to join him at Manchester City.

It’s a person close to the Brazilian star who told the journalist that this invite was made even before Lionel Messi told Barcelona he’d leave the club.

“Messi asked Neymar to go to Manchester City,” the source told Jorge Nicola. “The idea is to form the trio of the times of Barcelona with Messi, Neymar and Guardiola.”