On June 19th we covered a report from Belgium which stated Anthony Limbombe was ‘on his way to Huddersfield Town’ in a deal thought to be worth €12-15m for Club Brugge.

Not only that, the footballer had been house-hunting in Leeds ahead of what was presented as a very probable transfer to the Terriers.

On June 28th, another report came from Belgium. It was explained Huddersfield’s initial €8m offer had been ‘laughed at’, but they then returned and it was thought a deal would be done at around €12m.

Limbombe was ‘almost gone’.

It’s now July 19th and he hasn’t gone anywhere.

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HLN may have the reason for that. Limbombe has just returned to training after a groin injury.

He was back in normal preparation on Tuesday and in theory is available for Club Brugge in the Belgian super cup.

He may not actually play, because a transfer is again on the horizon. The 24 year old ‘has an agreement with Huddersfield’ and is also interesting German and French clubs.