Even though previous reports from Colombia had claimed that Chelsea and Aston Villa have a full agreement for the transfer of Jhon Jáder Durán, we get to see a different take today.

Journalist Pipe Sierra shows up Twitter to claim that even though the talks are advancing, there’s nothing closed yet.

The reporter writes that Durán is currently negotiating personal terms with Chelsea. That’s the contract length, salary and bonuses. It’s said he could sign a deal for a longer duration than five years.

Sierra brings no details on how much that transfer would cost, just saying it would be one of the three biggest moves involving Colombian players.

Playing for Aston Villa this season, Durán had eight goals in 37 appearances. He’s currently valued by Transfermarkt at €20m.

Previous reports from Colombia which sounded very confident about the move claimed that Chelsea could be paying €45m to get the transfer done.

Even though Sierra puts the breaks on it, he still sounds confident that a deal is going through, especially because with personal terms being discussed, there’s a chance that Aston Villa already accepted the offer.