A couple of weeks ago we covered claims from Denmark that Brighton & Hove Albion were considering buying Lyngby Boldklub.

The Danish side are in an absolute financial hole, can’t freely pay wages, and are on the verge of going bankrupt. Brighton seem to have backed away with their interest, but now Aston Villa are being linked.

Danish newspaper BT says they’ve received information that Aston Villa have been keen to partner with a Scandinavian club for some time, and the situation at Lyngby could see them take the opportunity.

Players at the club have been asked to wait a few days before jumping ship, which they’re allowed to after non payment of wages, but the potential new investors need a week to get everything together.

Aston Villa are named as the ‘potential buyer’, and BT spoke to Lyngby chief Torben Jensen to try and get that confirmed, and there followed a quite comical exchange.

Danish reporter: “If you do not want to say which clubs you have approaches from, would you say yes or no if I mention the club?”

Jensen: “Yes.”

Danish reporter: “Aston Villa?”

Jensen: “I have no comment.”