Efforts to curb the growth of multi-club models haven’t really worked and given the advantages those systems bring, it is no surprise that a growing number of ambitious football clubs are looking to build their own version of it.

Aston Villa’s owners currently have connections with Vitoria de Guimaraes, and there’s also a relationship with Spanish club Real Union, which is largely thanks to the Emery family.

Now they’re looking higher up the Spanish football tree and wanting to secure a ‘strategic alliance’ with a La Liga side. Diario De Noticias say they’ve heard from sources who are familiar with Aston Villa’s plans and efforts and have found out they’ve identified Osasuna as an option.

There’s no indication of the type of relationship they’re wanting or how far any talks about that potential link-up have gone so far.

Osasuna are currently 11th in La Liga with a game to go, so it doesn’t seem like a bad club for Aston Villa to work with. They were founded in 1920 and their stadium holds just under 24k.