French newspaper L’Equipe have a big feature on Kylian Mbappe in their Sunday edition, and once again claim everyone wants him. Mbappe has had a very good season with AS Monaco, he is clearly one of the most talented young footballers in the world, but reporting regarding a potential transfer seems to have got carried away with itself.

The thought of most of the world’s top clubs currently stressing about buying Mbappe just doesn’t sit well with the reality of most having other transfer plans anyway, and different priorities than what the Monaco player could fix.

Anyway, one of the clubs picked out by L’Equipe is Arsenal, and it’s claimed Arsene Wenger ‘will do everything’ to sign Mbappe. Whilst Wenger knows his club’s chances are very slim, the Arsenal manager is still ‘determined’ to have a go, and not let the circus go past without at least an effort.

Despite that, and despite reiteration of a big offer of around €100m, L’Equipe say Wenger isn’t under any illusions that Arsenal have a good chance, especially with the club lacking Champions League football.