Arsene Wenger was always going to be on the front page of Saturday’s L’Equipe. The French newspaper have long held a secret, sometimes not quite so secret, soft sport for Arsenal due to the Frenchman being in charge.

It was more pronounced when Arsenal had a core of true French superstars in the team but1 has continued nonetheless since and Arsene Wenger’s reputation there hasn’t been too tainted by the all the strife of recent years.

The natural reaction for L’Equipe would have been to link Wenger with taking over at PSG, they’ve hoped for it enough times, but with Thomas Tuchel only recently agreeing to take the job it’s thought to be off the table.

But they weren’t going to leave it at that.

The front page suggests a possible PSG move soon, but that’s in a director of football type role. Wenger would oversee Tuchel and be the figurehead to take PSG forward.

Antero Henrique is the current man in the role but he’s not convinced everyone… and he’s not Arsene Wenger is he. The problem may be that Henrique is ‘only’ paid €80,000 a month, and how much would everyone’s current favourite Frenchman want?

There’s no claims of talks or anything with the Arsenal manager, this is very much presented by L’Equipe as them going out with the claim.