A couple of days ago we pointed out Arsenal are no longer just Arsenal for the Spanish sport media, they’re ‘Unai Emery’s Arsenal’ and therefore most transfer claims go through him.

That’s the case today with Dani Ceballos.

First, AS turned their previous claims on their head and reported the Real Madrid midfielder is ‘one step away’ from signing for Arsenal. Tottenham had been their previous favoured option, as recently as yesterday.

Now Marca join in. They insist it’s Emery pushing for the signing, and this pleases Ceballos.

Arsenal were said to have been looking for a recruit in France in Germany, but their manager has diverted things to Madrid.

Contact has already been made with the Spanish club, and the Gunners are ‘pushing’ to sign Ceballos. Arsenal have requested a year long loan and that suits Madrid, who haven’t been prepared for a buying option.

Marca explain why Ceballos himself is keen: ‘He likes Arsenal for the club, the city and because at the head of the team is Unai Emery, who is the one who is engaged in the signing of the player.’

The Premier League club have to pay 100% of Ceballos wages, which is €3m a season, and it’s not thought that would be an issue. Marca believe it’s a ‘wonderful’ opportunity for Arsenal, given their low transfer budget.

‘Talks are advanced’ according to the Spanish newspaper, and Arsenal want to secure the signing ‘this week’. Now it’s just for Real Madrid to give the final OK.

Marca reiterate their Monday claim of a Madrid stay having been considered. Some at the club feel Ceballos could be important next season, however, Zinedine Zidane isn’t one of them and that makes a departure likelier.

‘Everything points’ to an Arsenal move.