Schalke are always worried about something. The Bundesliga club seem to, in recent times at least, need at least a little melancholy to feel right.

Therefore, when things look good on one front there must be some bad to balance it off. The yin and yang of Schalke’s mindset. Through to the quarter-finals of the Europa League, the worry, as presented by Bild, is that Leon Goretzka has been playing so well someone is likely to snatch him away soon.

Goretzka, 22 years of age, has a contract ending in June 2018, so the worry is real, and one of the clubs lurking is said to be Arsenal. Bild say that Arsenal, along with Juventus, will use their money and stature in an effort to tempt Goretzka to sign for them.

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea for Arsene Wenger to have, especially if he plans a shake-up in Arsenal’s midfield this summer. Goretzka can play as a traditional central midfielder, or an attacking midfielder, he can even be pushed out to the right if needs be.

Arsenal should be further encouraged by recent comments from Peter Neururer, Goretzka’s coach at VfL Bochum: “The boy is on the way to absolute world class. I’m sure Leon Goretzka will be a big name in German football and a solid figure in the national team.

“It will be hard for Schalke to keep Goretzka. Because the boy has to play internationally (in Europe) on a permanent basis in order to develop and to keep his chances in the national team.”

Bild explain that, given interest from Arsenal, Juventus, and no doubt others, Schalke will have to fight to keep Goretzka in the summer. Wenger’s German enclave at Arsenal currently includes Per Mertesacker, Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi, Bild believe he’s keen to add to that.