Italian outlet Il Messaggero today brings a long story about Cengiz Under, who’s expected to have a great season ahead of him.

After problems with injuries and behaviour last season, the newspaper says it’s now time for the player to shine, just like he did in his first game of the season.

And this success comes, of course, with some speculation about his future, with Premier League sides Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur both getting a mention.

Il Messaggero writes there have been European forces looking for him this summer, in a list which included Bayern Munich, the Gunners and Spurs.

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And the outlet believes they could all go back for him in the coming transfer windows, saying they still keep an eye on his development.

Under is one of the most famous youngsters in European football, so he’s obviously been linked to both Arsenal and Tottenham in the past. Now if he finally has the season that the media expects from him, then a big race could happen next summer.