By keeping two correspondents in England, ESPN Brasil have fresh exclusive interviews with Premier League stars every week.

These are mostly conversations with players who talk about their form and the current season, with rare exceptions of those who approach other subjects, especially if they’re not Brazilians.

However, speaking to reporter João Castelo Branco this week, Arsenal fullback Hector Bellerin had quite a good chat. Their conversation involved the Gunners, Coronavirus, the Amazon rainforest and his activism.

It all started with the Spaniard talking about the years he spent at the London side and all the changes he’s been through, especially in terms of Arsene Wenger and the following managers.

“In the end, it’s like I always say: everything that goes up also goes down. It’s part of the process, part of life,” Bellerin told ESPN Brasil.

“Arsene’s last years were not like the first, there had to be a kind of revolution when he left Arsenal. After 22 years, he left a very big void and I think this renewal process has been complicated, but I think we are on a good path. With Mikel things are going very well, at least internally, and I think we’re taking a step forward with every game.

“There’s still a lot to improve, but I think the team’s identity has improved a lot in the last year and we have to keep working to continue learning. For us, it’s a great growth to learn the way we’re doing, we are a very young team that has to continue learning. I think we are on a good path.”

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Bellerin also talked about his worry with the Coronavirus pandemic and the people who don’t seem to be completely aware of it. When leaving a message for Brazil, he says that’s not the only thing that concerns him in the country.

“I’m a person who, when I see something I don’t like, I like to say. And, after all, for example, now with protective masks, each player has one and, sometimes, uses a disposable mask. And I question: why use a disposable if you already have your mask? At the end of the day, I always end up arguing, if they get upset with me (laughs), but always in a positive way.

“They are my teammates and they are the first people I can influence, I’m with them on a daily basis and, even if sometimes it’s for fun or for real, they’re people who listen to me, even if sometimes it’s in a heavier tone, and try to do the best I can. Especially with young people, to maintain this type of dialogue, which is sometimes uncomfortable, but important.

“I think we know what’s happening in Brazil, how the virus spread, it’s a country with many inhabitants, it’s also difficult to control. But, for me, the most important problem is deforestation in the Amazon, it’s a cause that brings a lot of impotence and makes me very sorry and makes me upset. I always try to do as much as possible to make my voice come and help too. I wanted my project to help reforest the Amazon, with the help of our fans we planted 52 thousand trees which are still in the conservation phase. Brazil is the country of football, of Ronaldinho, of ‘joga bonito’ and a person who has a connection with football has a connection with Brazil and I send a hug to everyone there.”

The full Bellerin interview is available on ESPN’s website.