Hector Bellerin’s return to Arsenal continues to be followed with big drama from the Spanish media.

Following the fullback’s loan spell at Real Betis, the club haven’t yet been able to sign him permanently from the Gunners due to their difficulty in paying for such a move.

So as reported by Marca, even though many other sides have been calling for Bellerin in the past few weeks, he continues his desire to return to Betis.

Even though it’s said the summer is long, there’s nothing the 27-year-old can do for now. So while working under Mikel Arteta in pre-season, the player knows he ‘must have patience and give time’ for the Spanish club to try and find a solution.

It’s pointed out that Arsenal don’t count on the fullback for next season, but won’t make their exit easy. That’s why Betis struggle to find a fee, besides expecting the player to accept a big pay-cut.

The extra interested sides are not named by Marca, who make it clear that Bellerin has only one side in his mind, and that’s Real Betis.