Not all Premier League players post on social media that they’ve done some charity work, so sometimes we have to dig deep to find out about these nice actions.

This is the case of Cedric Soares, who’s currently loaned by Southampton to Arsenal until the end of the season.

The player has donated a list of supplies to the hospital of Montijo, the city where he grew up in Portugal.

His donations have been revealed by the hospital’s Facebook page. The staff managed to speak to him on a live chat, and later posted a video.

“It was really a big help. We are very grateful. We have our hearts full. We’re not used to people giving us a lot of value. We were very touched by your attitude, I think it was a wonderful gesture,” said nurse Ana Veiga.

Cedric responded: “I tried to help my city, and I know you needed it. It’s a small gesture to be able to help too and thank you also for everything you have done.”

The 28-year-old Arsenal player has donated two cardiac monitors, a treatment table, a multifunctional car, an emergency car, two puncture benches, two arm puncture supports, four thermometers, a television, two break chairs, three support chairs, six desk chairs, a hot water machine and fifty clogs.