Morata Marca July 21stMarca have a feature in their Thursday edition on the future of Alvaro Morata, and the requests which Real Madrid have turned down.

Despite the Spanish press earlier almost reporting as fact that Madrid would sell Morata to make a quick profit, the situation has changed completely.

Madrid now want to keep Morata, and that’s despite offers from Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal.

The Manchester United inclsuion hasn’t been as frequent as the others, so perhaps it’s another snipe in Marca’s annoyance over the Paul Pogba deal.

Earlier it had been claimed that Madrid still had a pain threshold for Morata, a point at which they would sell the player to one of the clubs mentioned. Indeed, just three days ago Marca said that a bid of €80m would be needed to sign Morata, stating Chelsea had already offered €60m.

This just all seems like another excuse for Marca to say Real Madrid have fought off the advances of Premier League wealth.