It’s amazing how stuff gets so easily twisted when outlets only read what they want to read to make a story sound more exciting.

A very good example of this happened over the weekend when Corriere dello Sport ran a story about Patrik Schick and how AS Roma could, in theory, use Arsenal’s interest to help them land Aaron Ramsey in January.

The story emerged after Danny Welbeck suffered a very bad ankle injury in the Europa League last week, one that is expected to keep him off the pitch for the remainder of the season, yet there was nothing definitive about it.

Corriere merely speculated it could be an option, claiming that a potential six-month loan deal in London for Schick, aiding the Gunners, could help Roma get one step ahead of the competition for Ramsey.

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These details, however, didn’t stop many outlets running stories about how Arsenal would ‘offer’ the Welshman to sign the Czech forward when that isn’t even remotely the case.

It’s entirely possible that Unai Emery, having lost Welbeck for the foreseeable future, would be interested in Schick, who, let’s not forget, was a reported target for Paris Saint-Germain when the Spaniard was in charge there.

The Ramsey stuff, however, is just Corriere putting the idea out there rather than reporting concrete fact.

Schick, whose form was widely criticised recently, started against Chievo at the weekend and scored his team’s second goal, his first of the season, in a 4-1 win