Italian website Calcio Mercato brings a piece today saying Sami Khedira could be leaving Juventus at the end of the season.

Although the player is currently recovering from injury, there’s the feeling he may no long be needed at the club.

It’s claimed that the Old Lady got very close to selling the player last summer, and only renewed his contract because of the refused offers from Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain.

Now the club are set to reevaluate his status in the squad, partly because manager Massimiliano Allegri could be gone in the summer as well, which could completely change the club’s plans.

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Another factor which could impact on Khedira’s future is the arrival of Aaron Ramsey, who’s moving from Arsenal in the summer.

Now could Arsenal take some kind of revenge at Juventus by signing Khedira this time? It wouldn’t really be the best revenge, paying for a 32 year old Khedira whilst seeing Ramsey go for free.