Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you might have learned that Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin is a big Real Betis fan.

The Spanish defender joined the La Liga side on loan on deadline day, giving up a large part of his salary to make the move a reality.

Since then, we’ve learned plenty about how much of a fan he is of the club, which has been a big factor in him moving there this summer.

Marca continue that trend today, explaining that his move to the club this summer is the end of a ‘round trip’ that began when he was 15 and packed his bags for England.

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Betis, they say, has been a ‘part of his life for many years’ courtesy of his father, and he even spent a day on his holidays, when he was a youth player at Arsenal, touring the Benito Villamarín.

That affection was parked as he made his way up the ranks but ‘resurfaced’ when Dani Ceballos arrived at the club.

He’s also from Betis and brought the love back to Bellerin, with the pair often watching matches together and ‘dreaming’ of one day playing in the Betis team together.

That is something Bellerin has managed to achieve this summer, even turning down a ‘firm offer’ from Fiorentina to ‘put everything on the line’ and get to Betis.

He gave up a large part of his salary to do so and did not even renew with Arsenal beforehand, with his current deal expiring in 2023.

That, say Marca, means he may ‘have it in his power’ to make his stay at the Villamarin last longer than a year.

That remains to be seen, but it’s the first time a longer stay has been hinted at, and given the apparent love, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear about it more often in the coming months.