Premier League clubs will have a hard time signing Danilo Pereira from Porto at the end of the season, insist the Portuguese media.

This year, besides claims that Arsenal would be following his development for a decade now, it was also claimed Liverpool and Manchester United have scouted him.

But as reported by O Jogo today, Danilo is the last player Porto want to sell in the next transfer market.

After succeeding with three different managers, the midfielder is proving himself a talent in several different situations and the club considers him too important to let go.

CapturarO Jogo interviewed Bruno Meirelles, one of the player’s agents, who was quoted as saying: “It’s public that there are big clubs from Europe watching Danilo. We’re speaking of an international player, who was European champion, who plays in one of the best European clubs, and as it’s natural there are those who are interested.

“Offers? There’s nothing concrete.”

Danilo signed a new contract in January, and now has a €60m release clause. We don’t believe Porto would demand that much, but the big figure is a protection for them to negotiate a decent fee.

Liverpool have been the most linked to Danilo and it’s possible all the clubs mentioned have some level of interest, it’s just unclear how much.